New Balance BURN  GLOVES Batting Gloves

New Balance BURN GLOVES Batting Gloves

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Introducing the New Balance Burn Cricket Batting Gloves – the ultimate choice for discerning cricketers seeking the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these gloves are designed to empower your game, ensuring you stay at the top of your form during every innings.

Key Features:

  1. Sheep Leather Palm: Experience unparalleled grip and feel with the sheep leather palm. This natural material offers superior durability while maintaining a soft touch, allowing you to wield your bat with confidence.

  2. Crosslink Foam Padding: Your hands are your most valuable asset on the pitch, and we prioritize their protection. Our gloves feature advanced crosslink foam padding that absorbs impact shock, shielding your hands from even the fiercest deliveries.

  3. Elasticated Double Sided Sweatband: Stay cool and focused with the elasticated double-sided sweatband. It wicks away moisture efficiently, preventing distraction and discomfort during intense matches.

  4. Premium PU Inserts: We've integrated premium PU inserts into these gloves for added durability and longevity. These inserts enhance the overall glove structure while maintaining flexibility.

  5. High-Grade Stretchable and Ventilated Gussets: Enjoy a snug and comfortable fit with high-grade stretchable gussets that ensure your gloves move effortlessly with your hands. Ventilation technology keeps your hands cool and dry, reducing the risk of sweat-induced slippage.

  6. Side Bar Protection on Lead Hand: The lead hand is often vulnerable to unexpected bounces and swings. With the inclusion of side bar protection, you can confidently face the bowler, knowing your lead hand is fortified against impact.

These New Balance Burn Cricket Batting Gloves are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Whether you're facing fiery fast bowlers or spin wizards, these gloves will be your trusted allies, allowing you to focus on your game, dominate the crease, and leave your mark on the pitch.

Elevate your batting experience with gloves that prioritize comfort, protection, and performance. Trust in quality craftsmanship and superior materials to enhance your cricketing journey. Choose the New Balance Burn Cricket Batting Gloves and step up your game today.

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