New Balance TC 560 Batting Gloves

New Balance TC 560 Batting Gloves

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Elevate your cricket game to new heights with the New Balance TC560 Cricket Batting Gloves. Designed for the discerning cricketer who demands nothing but the best, these gloves offer the perfect fusion of protection, comfort, and performance, setting you on a path to cricketing excellence.

Key Features:

  1. 18mm/4mm Crosslink Foam + Cashmilon Padding: Your safety is paramount. These gloves feature a combination of 18mm and 4mm Crosslink Foam along with Cashmilon padding, providing exceptional shock absorption to shield your hands from even the most potent deliveries.

  2. Additional Protection on 2 Lead Fingers - Plastic Inserts: We understand the importance of protecting your lead hand. Our gloves feature plastic inserts on two lead fingers, adding an extra layer of defense against unexpected bounces and swings.

  3. Elasticated Single-Sided Sweat Band: Stay cool, dry, and focused with the elasticated single-sided sweatband. It efficiently wicks away moisture, ensuring your hands remain comfortable and distraction-free during intense matches.

  4. Finger Roll Material Imported PU: Imported PU finger rolls offer flexibility and protection, allowing you to maintain optimum grip and control while facing a variety of bowlers.

  5. High-Grade Stretchable and Ventilated Gusset: These gloves provide an impeccable fit with high-grade stretchable gussets that adapt to your hand's movements seamlessly. Ventilation technology keeps your hands cool, reducing discomfort caused by excess moisture.

  6. PU Inserts: Integrated PU inserts contribute to the gloves' structural integrity while preserving their flexibility and comfort.

  7. Sheep Leather Palm: Experience superior grip and tactile feedback with the sheep leather palm. This natural material not only enhances your batting performance but also ensures the gloves' longevity.

The New Balance TC560 Cricket Batting Gloves are engineered to deliver uncompromising performance, ensuring you stay focused on your game. Face the fastest bowlers and spin wizards with the confidence that your hands are protected and comfortable.

Invest in your cricketing journey with gloves that prioritize safety, comfort, and performance. Choose the New Balance TC560 Cricket Batting Gloves and step into the crease with the assurance that you're equipped for excellence. Upgrade your game today.

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